KOAwomen networking event with IZOE hostess personnel

Tamara Schenk, the founder of KOAwomen, initiated together with IZOE Agency and seven other event hosts the first KOAstylehouse – a networking and shopping event at the Hotel Zoo in Berlin. The event was aimed at select female entrepreneurs from various sectors to offer the opportunity to exchange experiences. KOAwomen is an exclusive network that combines talents from different areas in order to create future leaders with mentor programs and company contacts.

During the event, the visitors had the ability to browse through a diverse selection of fashion brands. The renowned flea market for women called Mädchenflohmarkt offered a great variety of unique vintage pieces, while Victoria Rosenzweig Jewelry introduced beautiful items of her new collection. Moreover Project OONA showed trendy handbags and Blossom Berlin presented their unique Flower Boxes.

Meanwhile, IZOE hostess staff ensured a welcoming reception of the invited networkers, offering them champagne, sign-posting and assistance in the cloakroom. Throughout the entire event our hostesses looked after the 95 guests in the most hospitable manner and guaranteed a stress-free stay.

Tamara Schenk, founder of KOAwomen
Maria Spilka, founder of Mädchenflohmarkt
Hendrikje Kopp, Gala
Patricia Driese, BILD
Yuliya Petrovski, founder of Blossom Flower Boutique
Victoria Rosenzweig, founder of VICIRO.de
Maru Winnacker, founder of Project OONA
Kamilla Saidi, founder of IZOE Agency

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KOAstylehouse Networking Event
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